Quartz Countertops are very popular with commercial application as control over consistency of color and quality are much easier with man made surfaces. This is also popular with more modern residential kitchens. Quartz now also is made to mimic some of the most beautiful marbles increasing interest from the residential projects.

Quartz for countertops

  • Visually appealing of mimic natural stone
  • Virtually maintenance free surface
  • Color control and man made production of material
  • Ability to mimic marbles in the kitchen

Since quartz countertops are able to control color and branding of retail space interiors, they have become increasingly popular for commercial applications. Quartz counters are low maintenance and both commercial and residential customers enjoy them. They do not last as long as granite, but the fact that they do not need to be sealed is a trade-off that appeals to many people.

Quartz Countertops

This is a man made product. Various amounts of ground quartz material is added to an epoxy or plastic to form slab based countertop material. This epoxy is colored and styled to look like many granites and marble materials. In this man made process many of these materials look almost identical to its natural counterpart. More color variations are available that are not found in nature. Quartz Countertops are non porous so sealing this countertop material is not necessary. The process makes the surface non porous.

The Look Of Quartz 

Quartz is designed today to look like all of the natural stones such as granite and marble but they also have many other variations as well. Because of this control of color many commercial applications use this material when the design dictates this control. This material is very popular in residential applications as well. Quartz countertops are very close to the durability of granite but lack in a couple areas. Heat resistance & UV light exposure. Because of the epoxy material some applications for quartz countertops are not recommended. Outdoor kitchens for example are not recommended because the material can discolor and warm with exposure to uv light. 

Cost of Quartz 

The cost of Quartz Countertops varies based on the same factors as natural stone in supply and demand as well as warranty from the brand. Quartz is still slightly more expensive than granite from a leading price point perspective. 

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